Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gourmet Goodness

We've been moving down the block this week; it takes lots of umph! Sometimes more than I've got to give!
Such a happy thing: our new ward meets in an old chapel...the one in which Michael and I first met. [pictures soon, I promise!] We had an aural skills class together in one of the classrooms, and he gave me a ride to retrieve my forgotten books from across campus. :D And again. Day after day! As in, a ride to classes every day--I didn't forget my books every day.
Our ward is very little, and I LOVE IT. It feels so cozy and welcoming! And in the Relief Society, they're trying to promote a cookbook everyone has contributed to, so they pass treats out. Today's treat:
D ~ E ~ L ~ I ~ C ~ I ~ O ~ U ~ S.
I melted. Or fell in love. Or died and went to heaven. I don't know.
It looked so deceptively gourmet and fancy, I was amazed to find out it's actually easy to make! No baking, even! Here it is from Jessica, in all its simplicity:

  • Get a package of Oreos.
  • Also get a package of cream cheese.
  • CRUSH AND COMBINE! Yes, the entire oreo, filling and all. Put in fridge.
  • Melt almond bark--mmmmmm! Also melt a little white chocolate for garnish, if desired. Makes it look super fancy.
  • Roll the oreo stuff into little bite-sized 1-inch balls.
  • Dip oreo droplets in melted almond goodness and lay out on cookie sheet or large serving plate. When cooled, swiggle white chocolate over the little chocolate treats.
That is it! And it tastes divine. Absolutely deluxe.


  1. Woooo, that sounds good!! Have you tried My Kitchen Cafe's peanut butter crunch balls? They're similar--Abby says they're REALLY good. I'm happy for you that you like your new ward!

  2. That sounds amazing... I also really like the word "swiggle". it makes me giggle.


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