Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earth to Qait!

Michael was trying to talk to me while I read my book, and when I finally realized it, I had to remind him that he has to call my name first or I'll miss at least the first half of what he says.
Then, after our little conversation, I went back to my book.
Back into its world, completely immersed.
So much so that when I talked to Michael later, he grinned and asked if I'd heard his little speech...and I hadn't!
He said he tried a little experiment when I went back to reading. He spoke in a dull voice, like a bored horse-race announcer, and said "Kathryn Faith Wahlquist...I have spoken your name, yet you do not react..." (something like that, going on and on until he finished) "...this has been a message from Michael Wahlquist."
I missed it!
It made us laugh a lot, though, when he told me about it later.

By the way? The book that had me completely bound is called "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner. He's a Mormon author, not that it shows. And his style of writing is borderline for Deseret Book--they won't carry his sequel. But not for the same reasons they wouldn't carry the rest of the Twilight books. It's perhaps a bit graphic...well, yes, it is. It's very heavy material on the whole. The subject matter is comparable to Lord of the Flies at first, since it's a group of boys with no adult leader...but beyond that, it stands alone as a very original plot. Kind of post-apocalyptic, sci-fi in a very thought-provoking way. I loved it.


  1. Love that.

    I really enjoyed the first one. Second one I'm still mulling over. Call me after you read it. I'm anxious for the third one to come out next year. I didn't know Dashner's Mormon. Cool.


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