Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Day My Girliness Will Come


I'm so ready to have a girl. And not like I'm already sick of being pregnant--no, I am totally loving it this time around, and I don't mind having ...uh, something like 24 or 25 weeks left.
But for our "lazy" time this evening, as a relief to the off-ful morning we had, I decided to pick a movie for Ender that would be something different from the usual (I'm kind of sick of his favorites right now) and something that would be completely disinteresting for me.

Snow White.

Well...Ender kept saying to me "Mommy...I don't want to watch this movie..." and I'd say "okay" but wait just long enough for him to get sucked back into it. And then again, a while later, Ender would say it again, looking a little helpless with his eyes glued to the screen (isn't this child abuse?)...until the very end, when he said "I didn't want to watch that movie."

Poor guy. He just isn't into the princess movies like I am. That and Snow White is SOOOO painfully dull.
So he gets to watch Cars. Which I hate. Which he loves. Because I'm sorry.

He is SO happy!

PS: for February, maybe I'll do something totally girly for my creativeness...I want to build a dollhouse already. Ahh, girliness. :)

PS2: Oh wait, wait, I forgot to, like, OFFICIALLY mention that this baby is a girl! Granted, it's early to know. But you know what? That was a really clear shot in the ultrasound. Pretty hard to mistake.


  1. If you find a successful way to build a dollhouse, please let me in on it! (And what about the dollhouse that's In Storage?)

  2. I love this, because with 3 girls, I am SO princessed out! I can't talk izzy into getting dressed, and if she gets dressed to go out, she's back into her princess dress in 10 seconds flat as soon as we get home. I am so excited for you to have a girl and I LOVE her name so bad!


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