Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Called "One of THOSE Days," I Suppose

Are you okay with some moments in which I talk about a little self pity? It's all okay in the end...

This morning proved very tiring. Partially because I was already tired. (I don't sleep so well I spent half the night sleeping in the armchair next to Michael while he did homework. I'm not sure that counts as really sleeping).
I've had a constant headache--thankfully it's kind of mild.
Ender and Audrey (I babysit her) took turns being cranky-- thankfully they took turns! Mostly, anyway.
To keep my mind off my selfish misery, I got busy doing my chores. I'm quite thankful I've done the dishes, put away the last bits of folded laundry (minus Michael's last batch of folded things because he said he'd do them, and I sure don't mind), tidied up the rooms, and...I don't know, I did stuff. I baked cookies. Kind of because if I didn't, I'd want to curl up and go to sleep with a pillow helmeting my head to keep out the sound of needy children. But I can't do that! No, of course not!
Ender felt contrary today, but he was not so bad. Audrey felt pretty bad, too, but don't we all sometimes? So I don't blame them. I just felt a little sorry for myself that TODAY was the day they had bad weather.

Kind of like no one else is allowed to have personal bad weather when I'M having personal bad weather. ;)

I cried for about two seconds today, completely in self pity (though it was brought about by an honest plea to Heavenly Father when I just prayer-blurted* that I needed help because I just felt SO tired and had a headache and, and, and...).
And then I just had to move on.

Anyway, now the day has simmered down. Ender FINALLY had his much-needed nap. Audrey has gone home with her mommy, and her tummy will probably be all settled tomorrow. And my chores are I'm thinking it's time to be lazy with Ender. He will enjoy those cookies.
And maybe my headache will go away? And maybe I can get away with falling asleep while Ender and I watch a movie? Please???

*prayer-blurting: I guess I just mean those prayers that kind of pop out here and there in the day. I have them pretty often. I think a lot of moms do. At least, I hope they do. It helps to have a little help-line ready with no stupid hold music. Ha ha, that was cheesy. But I still meant it.


  1. Oh Q, I hear you. I have these days (just last week I had one, in fact), and I blurt prayers, too. :)

  2. Oh, you are amazing! I do that a lot too. I think everyone goes through moments like that... or hours... or days... :) we are EXCITED that you are having a GIRL!!! :D:D:D We have already discussed that if things don't work out between Ender and Audrey, that maybe Ethan and Baby Girl could have a chance! Because it sounds like Ender has another Audrey in his life... And I don't think Audrey really remembers who Ender is... :)


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