Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ballet West's Bolero

I convinced Michael to write about the 
beautiful experience 
of attending Ballet West's performance of Ravel's Bolero! 
You've got to read about it. 
It would be even better if you could attend a performance of it, 

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  1. First, I think it's really sweet that both you and Michael really appreciate the arts. It's nice that you have that in common (so many couples don't!) Second, just in case you didn't subscribe to the comments and get mine back, here's what I said regarding your eyebrow comment:

    Qait - Okay, it's so not weird. I'll tell you why. I have a minor obsession with eyebrows. Mine are naturally troublesome, and I've actually had a couple training sessions with professional make-up artists on how to sculpt eyebrows, so I actually really appreciate the compliment! :)


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