Friday, June 24, 2011

New Post

Apparently my creativity is taking it easy, too-- no special titles came to me this time, not even a good Boring one! Hahaha!

Why is it that taking it easy means a messy house? :D

I usually have to force myself to sit down and take a break, especially with all the nesting going on here! I've had so much fun applying my nesting instincts to every corner of the house! But yesterday and today, my body is driving me back to chairs and couches, being very persuasive in the cause of Relaxation.
I admit I like it. The messy house? Not so much, but it makes me smile because it means I'm taking it easy.
(Although I'd probably smile even more if taking it easy could happen WITH a clean house! Wow!)

I haven't blogged much, and it's not even because we've been busy. Life has taken on an air of anticipation, which completely changes even the busiest atmosphere. I feel like I'm floating* through the days of Waiting, all in a good way. We're close! Scarlett's close! And until she's here, that's probably all I could blog about! :D

*I know! What a choice of words! This belly's definitely not floating! But my mind is, my heart is! Weee!

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  1. Well, I love the new layout of your blog! It's cute.

    I miss you, sister! I'd love to come over and float along waitingly with you. :)


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