Monday, October 24, 2011

Blast from the Past: The Count of Monte Cristo

I went to summer school once. 
But let me explain! I wasn't a delinquent! 
I was an Army Brat. 
There's a difference. 
Each school I went to treated me like a permanent student, so if I didn't have all the same classes other kids my age had, I had to make up for it because each school wanted to believe I'd graduate in that school. 
So at Pleasant Valley High School (it's just as valley and snobby as it sounds), I was "behind." 
And instead of wasting my time with taking those classes during the school year, I decided to get them behind me and do it in the summer! 

Here's a little assignment I found. It kind of makes me laugh...I'm not sure why...oh I see why. Because I don't agree with the teacher's last comment. But that's okay! :D
I think we were just supposed to draw a portrait of Dantes and then talk about his character? 

I saw the Count of Monte Cristo as a darker man than portrayed in the movie and on the published book cover. Edmond Dant├ęs seemed to rid himself of his innocence after the suffering and turmoil he endured in the Chateau d'If. Gaining intelligence and strong knowledge, his countenance changed. The torment he underwent transformed his entire being. His image, eccentricity, and confidence presented somewhat of a threat to his enemies and an idol for his admirers.
In forming this portrait, I tried to render both the bitter anguish the count held and the kind deity he possessed. A regal figure, I wanted him to look strong and independent. The Count looked to God for direction in how he led his life. Because of this, nearly all his acquaintances looked to him as their leader.
teacher's remarks: 
Excellent portrait --
You definitely capture the anguish of Dantes.
That book meant a lot to me, actually. I still love it. I recommend it to anyone...but you might be better off with the abridged version. You're not missing anything. 


  1. Maybe I should grow a 'stache! Or read the book...

  2. That is an AWESOME portrait, Q!


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