Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Q-toids: Voices and Faces

1. I love to read with different accents. It got me through many boring homework assignments (Christopher Columbus was more genuine with a lisp, and the long studies of economics went by much nicer with a Spanish anchorwoman's smooth voice).
2. One time, Maddie and I pretended we were British friends with carefully chosen aliases for a plane trip. We were a little too giggly to pull it off very convincingly, but we imagined we surprised at least some people.
3. In London, I psyched myself up to order lunch with a British accent (I'm sure I'm not the first "tourist" to get that idea). When it came time to perform, I was uncharacteristically nervous about it, and I whispered out my mumbled order with red cheeks and hot ears. I couldn't tell if the look I got was for my shyness or my badly executed accent.
4. My favorite way to play a board game is when I'm hyper and with people who understand that I may not take the game seriously. It's especially better if I feel free to sing little tidbits stuck in my head, speak in different voices, and laugh so hard I snort. What good friends to tolerate that!
5. I make faces. All the time. But I especially make faces in the mirror...literally. I highly recommend storing a dry erase marker in your bathroom drawer (it's good for love notes, too). Check this out, and do try it at home:
(I love the incriminating notes above the woman's head...)

I look good as this guy. ;)


  1. I was there when you drew those! I think I looked hotter as the woman. :)

    I love that I actually knew all of these. I guess that's what comes of being your best friend. ;)


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