Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blog Newness!

There will be some changes here-- more like additions to and an organization of what's already here! 
I'm excited, and I hope you are, too! 
We all know I'm busy, so I'm not going to glue this to myself like a promise, but I'm hoping to do a collection of posts each month, falling under the following themes. I will still blog outside of those themes and continue as usual, so this is mostly going to bulk up what I already do. 

Stories, pictures, memories!

Something doodled by me and perhaps other doodles that I find hilarious.

I sure hope this one will be interesting for you...

Posts written by others! So far, I have no rules in mind.

Pieces of ponderings - this is what I often blog about, but these will be more specific vignettes.

Short snippets, random blips! Just like it says!

This has been going on all year, but I will now have this doodle (which I am unabashedly proud of) to mark these creation posts.

What do you think, my beloved readers??? 


Thanks! My blog is blah-g without your feedback!