Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boop! Boop!

You know those moms who talk to their kids like the whole world is listening (and interested)?
I don't hold a grudge against them or anything, but for some reason, when they start talking like that, the last thing I want to do is respond. I hope that's not rude of me, I just don't really like the idea that I'm to assume they want my attention by talking to me through their kids. Cause I'm not their kids.

In the checkout line at the grocery store, I stood quiet and happy while the cashier slowly and quietly booped each item for me. Boop! Boop! I like that sound.
A lady pulled her cart up behind me, and her kids started perusing the gum stands asking if they could have everything they saw. They were normal, and she was normal in her response. But as she kept talking, I could feel invisible strands from her voice tugging my attention. When the kids asked if they could just sit in the cart, and she replied that the cart was for food and not kids, with me standing in front of her with my cart packed with Scarlett and Ender, I had to smile. Really, I thought it was funny. And then her kids started getting impatient (still normal, and I was totally unbothered by them).
The kids wanted to help her and put the stuff from her hands on the conveyor belt, but she said "Oh no, we can't put it on the nursery tab! The nursery doesn't need gum!" Ah,I thought, a nursery leader! Somehow that's suiting.
The mom spoke in this perpetually cute voice. Like, like...not like when you talk to babies, but just sugary. And the kids were so bored in that crowded space between checkout stands.
So then the kids started pushing their cart. I'm still enjoying the Boop! Boop! when I hear her say, 

"Oh, don't push the cart into that lady or it will hurt her and kill her, ow! We don't want that." 

=|  Pardon? 

HAHAHAH! No wait, really? It will kill me? I had such a hard time not laughing aloud!
(Yeah guys, it's "aloud" and not "out loud," so the whole LOL trend is totally wrong. But I get it, LA just isn't as cool).
When I left the grocery store, I was still smiling. Oh yeah, and I was thinking "I want to blog about this" (hahaha!). My whole grocery trip had been wonderfully cheering, and I really just felt grateful that this perpetually sugary woman had made it all the more fun. I'm glad she was being kind to her kids. I would have been sad if she had felt stressed with them for being restless. They were quite good, honestly.
So next time, should I acknowledge that kind of woman even if she's trying to talk to me through her kids? Maybe women like that just feel awkward at initiating conversation, even when they desperately want it. I think next time I'll be less proud. But hopefully just as cheery.


  1. Some people. Tell your kid the truth people do not like being run into. Glad it was all happy!

  2. Thanks for pointing out that tiny grammatical thing about laughing aloud. Technically, you CAN say "out loud" too, but it's more of a colloquialism. I think I can count on less than one hand the times that I've actually used LOL even half-seriously. It bugs me for some reason.

  3. I'm glad we're not like that as parents. I'd have a lot more imagination.(in a cutsey-woostie voice: "Don't bump that cart into that lady, she could fall and break her back and sue us and you would never get to go to college. Ow!"

    1. XD I think the little "OW" at the end make your comment even funnier! Hahaha!


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