Saturday, February 25, 2012

On the Rise! Or Something Encouraging Like That.

Apparently, it's in my nature to be really optimistic. Because after finishing that last post--I mean, after finishing the post and then getting a little bit of sleep in the chair--I felt determined to defy everything I had said. What, was it embarrassing or something? Why did I feel so driven? It's almost like as soon as I had some sympathy to buoy me up, I could get my engine started.
I overdid it. I washed the dishes, I cleaned tidied the living room, bathroom, and "study." I threw away all my nasty tissues littered around the house. I even put on actual clothing. In my mind, I felt good. In my body, I ached horribly. My head was pounding with so much pressure my teeth hurt. My bones were begging me to stop. And I meant to, but I'm tricky-- when I start cleaning, I'm a fast little whirlwind, and it's hard to get out of the momentum I spin up before I've already done a lot of "damage."
So! I finally broke out of it, when my body cried "mutiny!" And I rested. When Michael came home, we drove around for the sake of getting out of the house. For some weird reason, I was glad to be home when we were done, but I desperately needed that outing.
Now today, I feel better. I do. I honestly feel better. It helps that I was able to shower and do my hair--that helps tremendously. I am still sick, and I am resisting going wacko with my refreshing feelings of energy and comfortableness. But I can see the finish line! I may have to sleep in the chair again tonight (that was not fun, but at least my cough attacks were really minimal, and I got better sleep than otherwise). Michael slept on the couch, pulled up next to me. :)
Scarlett is getting better. Ender is getting better. Michael is, too. We're all past the worst, I'm sure of it. And it's thanks to everyone for their prayers and love. We got your good health vibes and healing thoughts!

PS: Have you noticed I Capitalize My Post Titles? Part of me feels like it's a nuisance, especially with a title like this one. But the other, more dominating, part of me sticks to it, let me think...ew, like boogers to my kids' faces. *shudder* Don't worry, I do clean them. I find myself thinking, though, "This post title is lousy and doesn't deserve Capitalization. But it's a title! I can't let it be so different from the other titles, either!" It's not quite full-out OCD, but it's in that neighborhood.
PS2: I only matters to me...

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