Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Money Shot

I take lots of pictures of my kids. LOTS. And per each lot I take, I share a few. 

That's my house being very housey in the background. Kind of pushing out of its boundaries of "background."
That is definitely part of life right now.
Oh yeah, plus I was miserably sick while this was going on,
so I wasn't even going to TRY and fix all the housiness happening here.
Not that I need to defend myself.
 Since kids move all the time, it's hard to get a really good one, or the one that I meant to get the first time. But with this photo session, I got plenty of "shareable" pictures! (I think they're all cute, but not everyone enjoys looking at dozens of poses that have miniscule changes between them).

And then this hilarious thing happened:

Call me gross, but I LOVE it.


  1. cute...cute...cute...BLEAGH! I love it! Thanks for taking so many pictures. She is photogenic even spitting up.

  2. Hahhahahahahaha. I think it's funny too. Good timing, Scarlett! I like how she looks so chill about it too. "Oh hey, spit up flying out of my mouth. No biggie."

  3. Is her hair getting lighter? She is super cute! Dag! I need to meet her!


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