Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My parents finally live close by! Not an hour away! HALLELUIAH!

I am loving it (we all are).

I'm especially loving the fact that I still learn so much from my mom; we were looking at a photo on my fridge of a girl's graduation announcement, and I said "I'm surprised her mom's okay with her showing so much cleavage in this picture."
My mom said "Maybe she's not."
Me: "Oh yeah...I just assumed..."
My mom smiled and said seriously "Never do that."

Oops! Thank you, Mom, for the much-needed reminder! Really. I'm so glad she reminded me of that "little" lesson because it's actually quite important!

Another time? I mentioned that Ender had taken to screaming for the entire time period we'd put him down for a nap. She said understandingly "Yeah...sometimes a book can help..." and I just nodded unthinkingly.
But the next day as I put Ender down for his nap, I thought "Oh! A book! She's right!"
Ender looked through his book, quietly singing the ABCs to himself, and quickly fell asleep.

A long time before, I had considered the book idea but cast it aside--a bit selfishly, because I didn't want to relinquish my control...I wanted it to be clear that nap time was sleep time even though I claimed that I didn't mind if he simply "rested." It's truer now than before that I don't mind if he doesn't sleep, but it's also true that Ender still needs those naps.
Books are now part of every nap, so he's more likely to be quiet (and therefore more likely to sleep just about every time).

I'm so glad to have my mom here! So glad that she's still momming me. :) Especially when that includes a nice foot massage for my poor, puffy, pregnantly-swollen feet!

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