Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who'd Have Thought?

There are a lot of things I feel so grateful for during this pregnancy! It's not only been amazing compared to my first, it's amazing as far as probably any pregnancy goes!


  • do not feel huge like a whale. 
  • have thrown up a total of only 10 times (all a long time ago by now). 
  • sleep quite well and hardly notice anymore the times I wake up to turn over.
  • feel great both during and after exercising. 
  • feel very mobile and energetic.
  • feel patient, not in any rush.
  • feel a particularly strong bond with Scarlett.
  • feel at peace (and excited) about the upcoming labor and delivery!
  • am not worried. When I do think about some concerns I could have, I'm comforted to know that everything is in Heavenly Father's hands. I trust Him.
I'm grateful for the experience I had when I was pregnant with Ender. There's no way--this should be a "given" fact--that I would trade any of it for anything. And I'm grateful that this time is different! Especially because it has helped the rest of the family feel at peace. Their worries are soothed. I'm still not sure I grasp just how much the family could have worried about me with Ender. There have definitely been worse pregnancies, but we had some pretty serious stuff going on. 

What has struck me the most lately is the patience part. I really, honestly feel so happy with the pace this pregnancy has taken! All along it's been just fast enough that I'm always pleased to count off yet another week but not so fast that I feel like I can't handle what's coming. And it hasn't felt slow, ever. I personally find that incredible. 

This hasn't been to brag. It all feels like such a nice surprise, almost, that pregnancy can be so lovely! Women have talked like that, and I trusted that for some women it was just that way. But I never really thought I could "have it all." Or at least feel like I do. Sure, my feet get ugly-swollen, but I don't have preeclampsia, and if I stop being nutsy and just sit down, it helps. Who could complain? 
(Okay...I could...did...but only once or twice!)

Yesterday, I told Ender to look at my belly while Scarlett did some gymnastics. He saw her make a triumphant wallop of a kick, and I said excitedly "See?! Scarlett moved, Ender!" 
He smiled and said "She did." 
And he went back to playing with his LEGOS while Scarlett thumped around. 
How about that! I was still watching. I still think it's cool every time she moves. 


  1. I'm glad it is going so well. I think that is the way it should be.

  2. I am SO happy for you to have such a wonderful pregnancy! My pregnancy with Jaxon was blissful, too, in so many ways. I still feel the impact of what a blessing that was.

  3. wait, you were having troubles with ender's pregnancy?? why didn't i know this? was it a secret so as not to worry people?

  4. i dont know why it called me anonmymous. its me, maddie!


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