Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Change! And rolls. Can't forget the rolls.

In a flash of brilliance this morning while I prayed, I realized I could listen to Conference during my running.
That was, unfortunately, not the best idea.
I walked pretty much the whole way. A nice, ponderous pace that matched my thoughtful listening.

I'm excited for a "rest" day tomorrow. I'm still going to the gym (we go every day after my run, and it feels surprisingly wonderful to do that), but the hour more of sleep will be welcome. I've been dropping off to sleep seconds after laying my head on my pillow and sleeping very deeply. When the alarm startles me out of the dark stillness, I'm instantly up...but also instantly thinking longingly of the warm bed I'm leaving.

Does anyone remember how a loooong time ago I wrote a semi-sarcastic post about how I don't understand how some women can manage to look the same every day? Same and good? I'm afraid I came off as more negative than laughable in my bafflement (hoho, laughable bafflement-- that's good). I really just meant that it amazed me that some women have the discipline to put themselves together every single day. No sleeping in, no pajama days, no bad hair days, no zitty days. I knew I wasn't seeing the full picture (that the women who seemed like that were still definitely human).
But it has started happening to me! The regular schedule, the well-kept routine...I shower every day. Yes, that's an announcement of change. And...I do my makeup just about every day.

It's not all from my marathon training (although that has solidified some of these changes). We have been going to the gym for a long time even though we only committed to going daily three weeks ago. Recently, Michael said to me with a hint of amused confusion "We've become a morning family!"

We've wanted to be this way for a long time. Like, maybe ever since Ender was born (before he was born, it wasn't really a challenge to go to bed on time and get up early). Anyway, this may all come off as dry and painfully blahhhhh to read. I'm just feeling grateful that we've made some lifestyle changes.

We take care of ourselves. We exercise, eat well (in moderation, that is-- less sugar, less gluttony). We don't generally stay up past midnight (it happens once in a while when our inner night owls fight hard enough).
We keep the kids on a regular routine with morning and bedtime stuff.
And me! I bake almost every day now, and somehow I make dinner happen every night. Sometimes it's leftovers, but who cares. There's a meal. And...this is an accomplishment I am thrilled to announce:

I made rolls.

No, I made PERFECT rolls.

I have been trying our entire married life! They were always disgusting. Like rocks. Stupid, chew-heavy, little, bland rocks. There was one time I managed to make them taste okay...and they were enormous. We had to use them as buns, which wasn't horrible, but not my intention. And they were still kind of dry and blah. So you see, I am proud. :) I am so excited. I brought rolls to my neighbors. I ate several myself. I'm going to eat one now. And I will probably make these rolls all the time.
Ahhh. I did it. I'm a new woman. :)

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