Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scaredy Qait

After leaping out of the shower this morning, I heard the front door "schlick" open and shut.
I froze-- I was the only one home! 
And I was fresh from the shower! 
Knowing it could be the neighbor's door I'd heard (with our windows open), I crept out of the bathroom into the laundry area to listen.
I heard the very, very soft "fff" of footsteps on the carpet.
In a sudden panic, I raced back into the bathroom and SLAMMED and locked the doors (there's a second adjoining door into our bedroom). With my heart thumping, I tightened my towel and geared up for confrontation. If anyone was in the house, the door slamming would have alerted them (but maybe they knew I was home anyway!). I flexed my arms, clenched my teeth and really actually made a "tough face." Good thing nobody knows what I looked like.
I took a deep breath, reached for the doorknob...imagined Someone might be ready outside the door to corner me and took another deep breath...and another...
and finally yanked both doors open (I sort of struggled with one of them, which threw off my Tough Groove a bit). I pulled an angry face and hunted around the house, making sure my throat was open and ready to yell and scream.

But oh, what's this? The front door is locked.

"Oh," I said with a sheepish smile. Yes...I suppose I knew that. Those "footsteps" I heard must have been the blood rushing in my ears. 

Does anyone else get a little jittery when they're home alone?

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  1. I loathe being home alone or home and in the shower where I cant see if something might get me. I day-mare about possible attacks and then I am completely on edge.


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