Monday, May 21, 2012

Um, More Running

It feels good to have internet again! Scarlett broke our last wireless adapter.

Last week's long run, 6 miles, was really exciting for me! Halfway through, the sun rose, and it made me grin...I couldn't help it. It was ridiculously bright, rising between two mountains and lighting up the buildings and streets and cars and my eyes. It was sort of hard to see with the sun in my eyes like that, but I loved it.

This morning's run, the little 3 miles, was nice. I walked a lot, and I don't think it was because I couldn't run...I just kept forgetting to! I'm tired, and once I start walking for a little break, my mind wanders. I get soaked up in thoughts and music and a steady walking pace, and then I realize after quite a while that I'm supposed to be running, and there's no reason not to be.

Anyway, don't worry that all my posts will be about my running...a lot of them will be since it's become part of daily life, but not ALL of them. While we didn't have internet, I just kept thinking of all these things I wanted to blog (and I even tried from my phone even though doing stuff like that from a little device drives me nuts)!

Phewf. The second week is happening! My mom was surprised when I announced that I'm doing a marathon, and she said (laughingly) "well don't talk to me about it too much or I might try to talk you out of it. I think people are crazy to do marathons!"
Yes, Mom, they probably are. I thought I was this morning when my alarm went off. I gripped my phone and made myself listen to the alarm for half a minute, propped up on one elbow, until I could finally pry my eyes open and get out of bed. And as I wandered through the house I could feel tendrils of the bed's warmth reaching for me: come back! You're crazy! Climb back into bed! You will fall asleep so quickly, it will be so niiiiiiice!
Well, that sounded really appealing. So I'm really excited--proud--that I got up. That's half the battle, right?
Wait, so is knowing you can do it.

Okay then, my marathon has 3 halves!

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