Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Getting Used to It!

I'm slowly getting better at running. It helps a lot that I got a 2-liter camelback (wannabe), a thing to hold my phone, and water shoes (cheapest thing close to running barefoot, recommended by someone who lives to run). Before this week, I looked a little silly for my morning running. A water bottle with a handle in one hand (I broke it at the gym), my phone in the other hand with the headphones cord whipping back and forth, and my dying rocker-bottom shoes with progressively squished soles.
And maybe I still look silly while I run. Sometimes I can't help but smile--whether because I thought of something funny or I just am enjoying myself. This morning Pandora played that one song, Died in Your Arms, for my 80s stations or something. And as I always do with that song, I changed up the words to "I just died in your arms tonight...must have been something you ate."
So I obviously have fun with myself out on the road before the sun rises.

Yesterday and Monday, my running had to be later in the day. That was insane-- a 4:00 run felt like a high-noon run the way the sun was breathing its hot breath all over the world, and yesterday it actually was high-noon. And I was pushing a stroller. Walking, but it was hard. Two kids in a stroller in that heat! I mean, they were very comfortable, but I got a nice little forehead sunburn. And I drank all my water by the time I still had 1.5 miles to go.

Am I ...dare I ask... boring? This is exciting to me. I feel proud of myself for doing this, for doing 3 miles, 4 miles, 6 miles, 7. When Mondays come around, I already look forward to my Saturday swimming mile (and my Thursday rest day), but I like the way this running is changing me.


  1. Nope. Not boring. I like reading about how you're doing on your runs. Especially if running is making you happier. ;)


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