Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Creations

So this diagram is little, but I think that with this photo, you'll get it...
2011-02-16 14.42.58.jpg
I had big ideas, but it turned out very close to what I'd envisioned! This is the beginning, the bottom level.

From the Styrofoam of a food processor.
Ender's spaceship controls. I know it's hard to see, which is just too bad because it's very cute. :) Maybe click on it for a larger view? It includes a thermometer for the spaceship (or I don't know, maybe the atmosphere of the planet he's visiting), a fuel gauge and speedometer, various buttons for ejecting an astronaut, radioing the crew, switching on the lights, ordering food, or landing/taking off. And the computer screen features a fuel station landing option, an alien encounter that could be good or bad (it has buttons for "friend" or "foe" since I just love to leave room for imagination...), a monitor on an astronaut currently offship, and a message calling for help! It was very fun to color, and Ender loved watching me.

On an upper level of shelves: This is Ender's colorful view from some "windows." I suppose he's on an alien planet, I don't know and it doesn't matter. That's his kitty-keyboard in the foreground.

Ender at a window and counter (which by now has been decorated to look more like a counter--I think this spaceship will continue to evolve, so there may be no hope in keeping up with photos!). Above him is a bed for one of his teddy bears (his idea).

Badly taken, I admit. Just trying to show the layout of was very hard to do, actually, because I was balancing a huge flashlight and trying to keep the camera steady and trying to get Ender in the shot...all while crouching pregnant inside his fort. :|

From the outside! Ender at his counter with a mini flashlight and bowl of goldfish crackers.
I wanted this to be something I did with Ender as well as for him, but boy, that was difficult. He was rolling around and kicking and being crazy while I tried to hold it all together between taping and cutting. Silly boy. But it worked, it happened eventually! My guess is that I spent about three or four hours on it. And I am not at all ashamed at that usage of time! It was invigorating! Wonderfully fulfilling in the creative vein. Plus, I was trying to make up for all the times I kept knocking down Ender's tunnels; Michael brought these boxes home from work for just that purpose, and it was their special play thing. 

I just felt SO full of energy today! Major nesting day: I organized and decluttered both Ender's closet and the 2nd bedroom closet (yes, again...). They are both finally very accessible and lovely to look upon. Hallelujiah!
I spell that word differently every time...

Next: A hair flower clip thing made at Anne's during the SuperBowl...

I just plugged this into my bedtime hair, so there's nothing fancy going on in my style. Here's the thing, though: I don't think I like the black lace around it. I feel kind of stupid with it like that. BUT, everyone else making their flowers assured me they liked it better that way. Here's what it would look like otherwise...

For the middle, besides the sequins I mean, I singed the edges of three strips of the fabric (some shiny green stuff, I don't know what type) and braided them before twisting them into a rosette. A rosette is basically when you make a normal knot, "right over left, loose end through the hole," and then tuck the straggling ends around the loop and into the hole as well. That's probably not very clear... And uh, I don't remember exactly what I did for the ring of black lace around it, but I think I singed the edges of a circle of the lace to make it curl like a cup. And the outer edge? That was one very long, fairly wide strip of fabric folded paper-caterpillar-style from the middle. 
And if that frustrates you because I'm talking in how-to talk without the how-to, I'm so sorry. I can sympathize. I just have to tell you, I didn't follow a pattern when I made this, so there's not much "how-to" I can think of to share. :| Heh...Sorry...

OH YEAH! And I made two darling, teensy cherry-things that are not really designated for much besides something cute for my baby girl someday! 
Okay, I took pictures.
2011-02-16 22.07.40.jpg
At first I felt stumped that the stitches showed, but Aunt Amy said she liked them. And I realized I do too! 
2011-02-16 22.07.59.jpg
They might go on the brim of a soft beanie hat, they might end up as hair things, I don't know. 
I like them. They make me smile.


  1. Qait, I love, love, love, Ender's spaceship. Even if you feel like you can't keep up with the developments in pictures, take pictures anyway!! I want to see it all!

    Where IS it in your apartment? I'm trying to imagine...knowing of the space taken up by the piano and the harp. Is it in Ender's room?

    The pictures of the cherry things didn't turn out... :( And I like the hairbow without the black lace too.

  2. Yeah, no cherry things showed--and I agree with Abby; the green bow w/o the lace is better (to me).

    I LOVE the spaceship! I love his happy face and I love that you DID this for him! You are so awesome.


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