Thursday, February 24, 2011


Ender brought me his yellow plastic box and told me "Mommy, it's a present for you! It's closed."
He set it down in front of me, and when I asked if I could open it, he said "Of course you do."
As I opened it, he gasped and said "It's a CAR!" I thanked him, and while he left to his room for more, I cried.
I cried hard, actually. It was just so sweet of him, and even as a game that lots of kids meant more.
He brought back another toy. This time he was so excited for me to open it that he said "It's a donut!" before I even touched it. But when I took the plastic donut out, he said "It's a toilet! Poop in it!"
That really made me laugh--a lot!
He's been bringing me lots of toys; I have a big pile by the keyboard. He even brought me "lunch" in his toy lunchbox.

It was very yummy. :)
I love him.


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