Friday, February 18, 2011

Yezhov is "Purged"

In the original version of this photo (top), Yezhov is clearly visible on the right of the photograph. The later version (bottom) was altered by censors, removing all trace of his presence.

This process is called "purging." Doesn't that sound nasty? To "purge" a real person from records?!

Did this image come through? If not, you'll find it here
This is one of the examples of the lying Russia's government has done and continues to do. 
I feel enraged--because it's ridiculous! What are they thinking? 
What's the point in lying if everyone knows it's a lie?
Is there a point?
This is one thing Michael and I discussed in depth at our Valentine's dinner. 
And we think the simple point in Russia's lies is their pride:
They are unwilling to admit their wrongs.

Have you ever talked with someone about something they've done, and you BOTH know it happened, and they just refuse to admit that it's true? They lie straight to your face? As if it really will "save face" for them?

Oh, Russia.

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  1. That is CRAZY! When you asked what the point of lying is, is everyone knows it's a lie, I immediately thought, "Because they wouldn't dare admit being wrong..." and then read on and went "HA-HA!" when I read that that was the same conclusion you guys drew. :) (Makes me feel so thmart...)


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