Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Day

This morning's yoga was a bit less relaxing. We did standing poses--but I found that my balance is much better than I thought! What a pleasant surprise. I'm excited to get better at it. And tomorrow, I WILL SWIM!!! WOOHOOOOO! I can't believe how excited I am! Not just because I got new goggles for my birthday. I just love water. :)

I'm still sick, but I didn't let myself take that drowsifying medicine (yesterday, it gave me a 2 1/2 hour "nap" after I fought it all morning). At least I breathe better! I noticed while driving that my posture is naturally correcting itself--such a blessing! And I cheered myself into teaching my harp students instead of rescheduling again. I knew I could do it! It's not like I didn't want to, I just felt wretched.

Michael's mom must have been inspired to call today and ask if I needed babysitting "just to give [me] some time for myself." She said she would have loved having a mother nearby for that kind of help, and today she had time for it! I tidied in the house just a little bit, but I let myself use the time to relax, too. I made a CD for myself of my favorites...although...and Maddie would delight in this oversight of mine--I didn't listen to the entirety of one song I added. After the first half-minute, I thought it was pretty cool (and I thought it was something else). Turns out that song is THE DUMBEST. It doesn't deserve to be anywhere near my favorite songs! NOOO!!! I don't know why, but I haven't yet succeeded in making a CD of just the best songs. One dumb one always creeps in.
That's okay though. I can laugh. A little.

I might not keep posting as frequently as I have been. Lately, it's been to keep myself pushing for my goals. Now I will assume things will go well. So if I don't write, it's not out of guiltiness. ;)
Not that you'd think so...but I would.

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