Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just a quick note, really.
I've been blessed with gentleness towards myself. I have felt very guided in my efforts of keeping the goals I set for myself. As I considered how ready I was to begin adding another to my attempts, I knew just how much to expect. And if I didn't exactly meet those expectations, it would be okay. It honestly would.
And for example, I've been sick with a mild flu today. I missed my workout badly, reminding myself that sick people don't exercise. But I smiled to myself, too, and knew that I was doing fine. I stayed in bed all but maybe two hours of the day (which were spent on the couch). The aches are finally subsiding--now that it's time to go back to bed--and I'm hopeful I will feel better tomorrow. We'll see how I feel when the alarm goes off.
I'm glad, though. I feel so good and calm about the person I'm being every day. I'm really trying and at the same time I'm doing so without hurting myself. A nice (and big) change for me.
Happy New Year indeed!

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  1. I think you're onto that great thing we're all always trying to master--balance. Bravo for you, Q!


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