Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I am victorious!

I went to the gym and couldn't swim because I didn't have my I-Card.
I rushed home and miraculously found it right away!
I still couldn't swim because I'm not currently a student.
When I tried to register as spouse under Michael's name, I couldn't because he hasn't signed up for all his classes yet as proof that he's a full-time student.
Still I did not give up! I thought "Everyone's rooting for me! Including myself! I can't not exercise! I won't kid myself into doing it later today because I just WON'T!"
So I went home and did some Pilates.

Ahhhhhh. It's done! I did it!

* * * *

After exercising, breakfast, prayers and scripture study, I went to the temple with a couple sisters while a babysitter stayed home (with the baby still asleep). Unwittingly, however, I took some cold medicine so I wouldn't have to blow my nose every five minutes. I had been warned it could make me drowsy! But I didn't think of that; yesterday I took a DEEP, SOLID nap after my first dose, but I just thought it was because I was sick. Really miserable, actually. My cold was at its peak yesterafternoon. And I took the medicine again before bedtime, but it's no surprise to fall asleep at night. So at some point in the temple, I think I dozed! Suddenly I was in one room when expecting to be in another! I asked the sister working there "Is this the right room?!" She nodded and explained--but I didn't remember the last couple minutes! It was like a black-out! That worried me a little till I realized why it had happened. I spent the rest of the time with my eyes peeled wide open and my back as straight as it would go! It's funny to me now that I finished everything!

This day is just beautiful--Ender woke up just barely before I arrived home, and he's snuggling with me, drinking his bottle while I type. He is such a good boy. I think sometimes it's the only reason I'm a good mommy. He really does make it easy.
I feel soooooo relaxed! I've been breathing deeply all morning, praying fairly constantly and keeping mindful of my posture.

I feel very good about my resolutions. They are accessible, and I will be gentle on myself when I slip in any way. They are all things I love to do and need to do. Maybe it's silly of me, but I thought of my blog while running back and forth to the gym. I thought how I could write about my success (before I had succeeded). Even if no one read this entry, my blog is public, so I am making myself even more accountable. It is motivating.

* * * *

Not to gloat--more to support myself in this great progress--but I did well yesterday! During my errands, I started feeling very, very sick. My head felt overrun with heat. So much so, that I wasn't even alert enough to take off my coat, which would have certainly helped! My cold felt like some kind of disease ruling my body. (And here I am glad for my positive attitude: I could have given up exercising because it's supposed to keep me from feeling like that. Very easy to believe that rationality. But I reminded myself it had been only one day, and things would for sure improve).
When I came home, I pushed myself to do good things and be useful. I made rolls for the first time as a wife and mommy. My pasta primavera tasted delicious! Michael heaped seconds on his plate and thanked me enthusiastically for the delicious meal. Everything turned out well. It was even worth having to clean dough off my hands with baby wipes while the water was turned off!

Speaking of which, I now wonder if it really was my fault because I had prayed the day before for help in recognizing blessings! ;) I thought of the pioneers or any early settlers while wiping dough out of the grooves of my fingernails. They had to collect their water if they didn't have a pump, and they had to boil it if they wanted it even a little warm in the winter! When I finally took my HOT, LONG shower last night, I just had to sigh...a hot shower is really soothing! Maybe that's why I always take ten minutes instead of five. It's worth it!

* * * *

I love mornings like this! Even with all the other things to do today, I have begun the day right no matter what else happens. I can breathe!

I really am relaxed! At peace! This feeling is what has been missing for so long! I feel so in tune with my body, thoughts and spirit!


  1. Oh, you hit the nail on the head! A good beginning makes such a difference....you're making me more inclined to wake up when I SHOULD tomorrow morning. :)

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
    cyber high-five! :P (dorky!)
    yeah ender sure is a good baby. i kind of wish he was mine, hahaha!
    anyways, excellent job, A plus! now the trick is to do it again... hahaha


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