Thursday, January 8, 2009


As I got dressed for my Mary Kay meeting, Ender got into the chocolates I left on the coffee table (yes, I was eating them. Lots of them). I looked down at the incredible mess he'd created and just didn't feel like being angry. I grabbed the camera and tried to laugh about it. He was shoving the wrapped kisses into his mouth and sucking the chocolate out, somehow getting it everywhere: the carpet, my coat, his face and clothes, almost the camera...I admit I grumbled a tiny bit when he got mad at me for taking the chocolate away, but who wouldn't be mad about that? Chocolate's good! So I surrendered and gave him one [unwrapped] kiss while he was secured out of the way in his high chair. He is clever when he gets in trouble; if he has been sucking on kleenex and we take the wads out of his tight, unrelenting fists, he swipes another piece while we're busy shoveling the soggy strips out of his mouth. It almost makes me laugh, he's SO fast!
He sat still for what must have been fifteen minutes today while I read to him. I knew he was tired, but he resisted the rocking pretty angrily. And as I read, he gazed at me and really listened. When I did yucky voices (especially the robotic one), he squirmed and grunted until I finally went back to the normal voice. I felt really special to be soothing him like that. I talked him to sleep!
So I mentioned the chocolate...I had an interesting day. It was good--how could it not be? I started it right and did what I really needed to. But I didn't clean up after Ender's little tornadoes. Hhahahha, just thinking about him zooming around the house makes me laugh! But he got into books and CDs and movies and cereal and pots and trash cans...I tried mainly to keep him happy. But I felt tired today. I'm glad my cold is receding! All the evidence left is my congestion and froggy throat (a woman at the gym got really concerned when I started talking with my mix of morning grog and throaty frog hah! rhyme!). Even though I know I spent my time in good ways, I kind of wonder what I did all day. It was nice to read a book and lie to myself about how many chocolates I really ate. :) It wasn't that bad, honestly. Having exercised softened any guilt. Sure I know that's not the point of exercising, but it's nice once in a while! I really needed to rest for some reason. My guess is it's the effect of a big change in schedule. It's a lot to adjust to, however good it is.
My verdict for the day? Spankin' good.


  1. oh im glad you were sweet to him about that. it makes a fun entry to read.

  2. Thanks, Maddie! I think so too.
    Thanks for you comments, by the way!

  3. Hi Qait!
    You're such a great mom and person. I want to be just like you when I "grow up". I'm sorry it's taken so long to contact you. I had a great time at retreat and am so glad to call you a new friend. Hope all is well with family and school!
    Love Ange


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