Monday, January 5, 2009

Yoga Put the Fire Out

It's a fun comfort just to open a page for a new post and sit here. I like my blog.

I am making progress! Good, gentle progress. Over the weekend we eased into our new schedule, and even though the alarm guillotined my dreams quite unexpectedly, I got up on time to go exercise at Megan's! YAY FOR A GOOD DAY! Even if it didn't happen tomorrow, I'm so glad I could make myself do it today. Of course, I expect myself to do it tomorrow because I did it today...
So far, at 10:09 AM, my day looks like this:
  • 6:00AM get up
  • 6:15AM pray aloud on way to Megan's
  • 6:20AM begin Yoga
  • 6:55AM finish and leave
  • 7:15AM arrive home (the clock must have been wrong--I was astounded!) and have family prayer and scripture study with Michael
  • 7:35ishAM get oatmeal cooking and load dishwasher in the meantime
  • 7:40AM calmly diminish great fire under pot of oatmeal, laughing inside at said calmness (must have been the yoga working)
  • 7:43AM continue
  • 8:00AM finally stop loading dishes and eat blueberries with oatmeal while studying scriptures
  • 8:30/9:00AM (I might be off in the timing) check voicemail and find babysitter and ride for temple visit tomorrow morning
  • 9:30ishAM brush teeth (and FLOSS! Bravo!) and make bottle before greeting Ender and changing his diaper

Yes, I am off in the timing. That doesn't matter though! I'm just so glad to begin my day so nicely! Yoga is surprisingly effective. I always believed it would be, but I didn't realize exactly what it is: I breathed and relaxed this morning. I felt the stretching and tugging but hardly because I focused on my breath and releasing tension! I felt it leave my lower back completely, my hips, my shoulders and neck and especially my stomach!
I felt this new power over my body, a clean connection that I have missed for so long. I suspect yoga will put out more than my oatmeal's fire!
I do have a cold, so the breathing was perhaps more laborious than it needed to be, but I still enjoyed everything!

Tomorrow I will SWIM! I love the water. I am SO excited to swim--SO EXCITED! What is it that gets me so stoked about swimming?! I'm so thrilled at the prospect! In the winter semester before I got married, I took a swimming class. Every time I left the Hart building, I felt so fluidly calm and relaxed. I breathed very deeply and had this inexplicable inner warmth so that the bitter Rexburg frigidity had no hold! I strolled across campus with my coat unzipped, my hair damp and beginning to freeze in its toweled shape, completely happy. When I got to the Snow building, I would lie down on a bench while I waited to meet up with Michael. It was all a very restful moment of the day, and even though I felt relatively no stress over wedding preparations, it revived my energies!

Aside from all the things to do today, I still need to shower. I feel no motivation whatsoever. But this is not what it seems! The reason is that we have no hot water. None at all. The hot setting is as icy as the cold. It's so cold it burns. At first, I thought this was my fault--a couple days ago, I somehow forgot to turn off the faucet after rinsing Ender's poopy clothes (for probably the third time that day) in the sink. I suppose it all makes sense because we were in the midst of a great cleaning of the house. The tub had the cooler and a bucket in it. Ender's previous wrung-out poo-messes were drying on the curtain rod.
So something like an hour later, Michael exclaims that the bathroom is flooded...our neighbors get a cup of water in their bathroom downstairs, and the next day they tell us their water heater broke.
But it really wasn't my fault. The heater had about a foot of calcium caked at the bottom from all the hard water (yuck). The same night, they got a new heater and were told it would be working in a few hours, definitely by morning. *sigh* This is a day later.

Michael took a cold shower, easy for him! He got used to it on his mission. He'd get the water running and soap himself while he'd imagine an African drum ritual, the beats getting faster and faster and faster until they'd suddenly HALT! and that's when he'd leap into the freezing slashes of water to take the Shortest Shower in Russia.

Me? No.

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  1. Yay for you, Q!! Yay! I'm sorry about the frigid water.


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