Friday, January 2, 2009

The Lord Wants to Bless Me

I feel so supported in my goals! My friends and family have designated themselves (directly or not) as fellow paddlers. Perhaps the hardest part in the voyage of HMS Motherhood will be admitting I am tired. Please forgive me for speaking metaphorically here, but it is clearer in this instance. It is difficult to hand my oars to someone else because it feels like I'm giving them the work I ought to do. That's plain pride, as much as it comes from a desire to be as little a burden as possible on others.
When I say thank you, I want you to know I mean it from my heart. Thank you so, so much for having the honest desire to take an oar alongside me, especially when it gives you nothing. Thank you so much for your selflessness in offering your sincere help. It's a little nerveracking that you all did, because I am going to ask for that help.
You are all examples of Heavenly Father's love. I couldn't thank you enough. Your offers to help me are evidence of Heavenly Father's mercy in answering my prayers.


  1. Oh hogswallop Q! Part of being a family is helping with those paddles every now and then. Look at how we all rallied to support each other in this last month alone -- and especially for Grandpa and Mom.

    I love you Qait! You're doing just fine. Just keep plugging away and try not to be so hard on yourself. :o) Really.

  2. One thing at a time, the most important thing first! You can do this, Q! And when you find yourself too tired to "do this", it's okay. You can pick yourself up again. :)


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