Sunday, April 3, 2011

DAY19 - My Nickname and Its Birth

It's not as fun as, say, Slartingbartfast, but I love my nickname. 


Like "kate." 

I am originally Kate. By now, it feels so weird to spell it that way! 
I was just having fun experimenting with spellings when I was 13. 
I tried some really dumb ones. And some fairly cool ones.

(that's by far the worst...and Maddie's favorite for teasing me at the time)

I was emailing my brother Isaac regularly and signing my name a new way every time. 
And then he wrote back spelling it Qait. 
I have loved it from the start! 
It's not on legal documents, but it's on everything else. 
I find it very fitting. 

And a sweet nickname that has blossomed from it: "Q." 
I love that, too. 

Can't remember where I found this image, so sorry! I will admit it's not mine...

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