Thursday, April 14, 2011

DAY30 - A Picture of Me Today and 20 Goals I Want to Accomplish

This post is prescheduled because no way am I blogging today--
And you've already seen plenty of recent pics of me throughout this 30 Day Challenge, so this is what you get today! Pictures by my wonderful photographer sister Rae in April 2007.
One thing I love about this picture is remember how very much at peace I felt about being engaged to Michael. I was engaged to another guy before him, and that was not a happy time. 
The difference was (and is) amazing.

My ring is a trillion cut; this is symbolic to me, representing the way a marriage must include God. The closer Michael and I grow to Heavenly Father (the top of the triangle), the closer we grow to each other.

Don't we look so happy? Because we ARE!

I think this one is Michael's personal favorite.

Undeniably happy.

I love knowing with such certainty that Michael loves me.
I love him, too. 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Having been given no time frame for my 20 goals, I will include anything I think of!

  1. Prepare for a natural, unmedicated birth with Scarlett (mentally, I actually feel ready! It's the physical part that will take the most work).
  2. Get a harp teacher this fall!
  3. Bake regularly again...
  4. Keep up my exercise routine
  5. Sew more and more
  6. Be outside more often
  7. Finish scanning photographs for my mom
  8. Read some educational books and watch some educational documentaries
  9. Get a perfect haircut and maintain it
  10. Help Ender complete his potty training
  11. Someday: leave the hobby-level of Mary Kay and get back into it big time
  12. Someday: have a Honda Odyssey for family and harp gigs (the harp gigs especially, though)
  13. Someday: sooner than later, I'd hope: get back into harp gigging!
  14. Someday: live in a house (not apartment) with a fenced-in yard
  15. Learn Tailleferre's piece for harp and piano to play with Michael
  16. Have the couches cleaned
  17. Illustrate a children's book
  18. Drink more water as a habit
  19. Copy all of our VHS movies to DVD
  20. Someday: get Lasik surgery or something like it...*sigh*


  1. Happy Anniversary! I love your goals.

  2. Qait- You are a sweet mom! I love the way you write! Ender is getting so BIG! I loved Michael's write up of Ravel's Bolero, I love that music, I had no idea there was a ballet! I must go sometime!
    BTW- I have the little electric gadget that burns VHS- to DVD's, you hook it up to your computer and VCR! Should I bring it when I come down at end of May?
    Let me know..I saw it was on your list of things to do!


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