Saturday, April 16, 2011

4th Anniversary

After such a continuous streak of posting, I actually miss blogging with the very few days I've "missed." Hah, how many days would that be...two? That is silly. :)

But the fact is: I am sick. I have been sick since Sunday, and what began as a head cold has turned into something very nasty. I'm stocked up on medicine till I get to see the doctor on Monday. In the meantime, being up gives me monstrous coughing fits that leave me sore and exhausted (those infamous "cardboard coughs," which have morphed into the worst of their species by now). At least my medicine is helping me breathe through my nose finally! I let myself get distracted while putting together some food for Ender and me today and cleaned out the fridge a little bit, being up for a total of 30 minutes or so, and that completely wiped me out. After I ate, I dozed on and off for a couple hours.

Ender is very good at following his daddy's instructions in taking care of me. This morning, he came in and kissed my arm (better than the face right now!) and said "You will sleep now." Then he went out and closed the door. I heard him laugh, and he opened the door and said "not so loud!" like it was so silly of him to forget and close the door roughly. So he tried again, a couple times, and finally managed to close it without making a sound at all.
He's been very polite and sweet with me all day, very patient with my tiredness.

We were graced with a little miracle this week, though: I felt markedly better on our anniversary. We reserved a room in the Peery Hotel for a great deal (it's a lovely, quaint little place over the Macaroni Grill where we had one of our meals on our honeymoon--coincidentally). We ate in wonderful restaurants and went to the ballet. The Ballet West performance of Ravel's Bolero was perfect! Incredible! So artistically inspiring. I'll convince Michael to write about it on his blog.
We had a wonderful time! The little miracle really was a blessing, an answer to prayers--the very next day, my body crashed back in to full sick mode!

Do you know...people used to look at us incredulously when we'd mention that Michael and I have never argued. They'd say "Oh, give it a few years. You're still newlyweds." Guess what? We still have never argued, and even though 4 years may seem like nothing to the couples who have been married much longer, it does stand behind our word quite nicely. Long before we ever met, President Hinckley said he and his wife had never argued. Both Michael and I were impressed by that and wanted the same in our eventual marriage.
I used to say that Michael and I are just not the personalities to argue, but it's more than that. We have simply made it a priority to communicate as clearly as possible from the very beginning, and it's fully worth it.

We don't consider ourselves better than other couples for not arguing. But our marriage is sweet, everything it should be...and we know our efforts to communicate have been a big part of that.

Four years! Four really beautiful years where we've honestly grown to love each other more and more! Even with difficult trials, there's been no strife between us. That's made these four years happy.
I love Michael. He loves me.
Our anniversary was the sort that makes us even more excited to spend the rest of our lives together!

That's all I wanted to say, really. :)

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  1. Here's to happy marriage and to hoping that you feel better--SOON!


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