Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Dream Came From MY Brain?

I didn't sleep well last night. And I'm not going to complain, since the last couple weeks I've slept like an angel baby (uh, that is, a baby who actually DOES sleep through the night). The funny thing to me is I couldn't sleep well because my arms or legs kept falling asleep! Hah! Oh, the irony. And I even tried my back in desperation, but that made both legs fall asleep at the same time, which was quite unpleasant.
So I don't know, maybe my limbs got some good rest last night. ;)

But! With all my heavy sleeping, I haven't dreamt much. Last night was the first in a while, and it was weird. Nowhere near as cool as my sci-fi dream. And not quite as hilarious to me as my crazy albino turtle dream.
No, this dream is just weird.

I was in the hospital, in labor. Everything felt relaxed and nice, and I was cheerfully chatting with my mom, I think. Michael was at work, but nobody minded because everything was going so breezily. Yep, so breezily that the baby was born in about 20 seconds. No pain, minimal pushing (it was easier than passing gas).
Surprise! The baby was a boy! But I hardly thought about that. I held him out at arm's length to admire him, like "aw, how sweet..." and then we put him in his carseat and drove home.
At home, I got out of the car and was proud to show off my inhumanly flat stomach while I announced that the baby was here. Michael's aunt Anne came up with a couple of her girls to see the baby, and when I opened the car door, the carseat was empty.
I was simply puzzled. Where was the baby? But oh, then I saw a little gnat crawling affectionately on my hand, and I said "Oh there he is! That's my baby! See?" and I cooed over him while Anne sort of backed off. I don't blame her. As I let this gnat weakly crawl on my fingers, watching adoringly (ew!), I realized that was why the labor had been so easy and fast, and it explained my skinny stomach.
As I brought baby stuff into the house, I was mildly worried that a gnat would be hard to keep track of. 

Seriously?! I woke up thinking what the heck? I mean, I liked the easy labor part, that was kind of fun, but a GNAT? Well isn't that nice.
I fell asleep again to dream something else stupid, not worth remembering, and then I slept too little after that to dream anymore. I only finally found a comfortable position when I was completely awake and it was time to get up...



  1. Ha! "I was mildly worried that a gnat would be hard to keep track of." That just makes me laugh.

  2. HAHHAH!!! "it was easier than passing gas"--this made me laugh out loud today. :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!Q!!!! I laughed out loud.


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