Friday, April 1, 2011

DAY17 - Someone I Would Want to Switch Lives With For One Day (and Why)

Well I wouldn't. I prefer to be me, not because I'm the BEST but because that's who I'm meant to be. 
If it were about trying to think of someone who has a better life than me, I just can't fathom swapping because I really, honestly, sincerely LOVE my life. 
But guess what? I suppose I wouldn't mind switching with someone less fortunate than me for a day. It would be pretty heartbreaking, I'm sure, but I would most likely learn a lot (at least gratitude for my own life). And since there are no rules to speak of, let's say that in switching lives I could still be me, at least in some ways. So I could find ways to help make that person's life least for their family or that case, I would love to make a better difference for someone. 
And since we're talking switching, that means they'd get my life for a day (HEY! Hands off Michael!), and they'd have the blessing of experiencing that. I'm completely serious, my life is one to love. I suppose some people in the world don't want my life, but that would only be for superficial reasons (or because they too LOVE their life). I have love and happiness pouring in from every cracked window and door of Heaven.

To get personal with you, I'll tell you: sometimes I can't help but think of my life as a sort of fairytale in its beauty. That's not a shallow thing, either, because fairytales all have their problems. But they all have a happily ever after, and my life does, too. Throughout. Problems have solutions, pain has ointment, sorrow is eased with comfort. Of course there's no question it's because of the gospel.
WHY, oh why, would I ever want to trade in my happiness to be someone else? For even a day?

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