Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Found a Cure!!!

But not THE cure. Just a cure for me.
Well, and maybe I'm getting excited too soon...okay whatever, forget the title.

I've felt a cold coming on for the last few days. Instead of taking my usual route of ignoring whatever's bugging me, I decided to take every precaution I could to keep it at bay. And guess what? I think it's working! I do have a cough now...and it's gone from "just coughing up gook" to a "cardboard cough." That's how I've thought of it since I was a kid: it makes the sound of sawing through cardboard with a serrated knife. Like if ribbed fabric had a sound, this cough would be it. And in my head that is a perfect description, so I'll leave it at that.

I've been resting. Real rest, in the bed. I slept pretty much all day Sunday after church, went to bed at a mostly normal time, and then I slept in until nearly noon (wow). Then I slept in until 8:30 on Tuesday, which really does count as sleeping in with our schedule. This morning I slept in again until about 10:30. I'm not necessarily sleeping all that well, but the rest has helped quite a bit.

And I've been blowing my nose instead of snooking the mucus back in. Isn't that a great word for it? Ew, the sensation...snook snook

Vitamin C. Ender peeled an orange all by himself, but I think it was all too exhausting because he wasn't very interested in the orange when he was done. Thank you, Ender. :) It was yummy.

Hot drinks! Cocoa is kind of banned from my low-oxalate diet with this pregnancy. It has a LOT of oxalate. But hot drinks are wondrous for killing cold germs, so I happily indulged. And it was a really hot cup of cocoa. Mmm. And I dipped buttered toast in it, so it got a sort of buttery hint. And I started reading an Ayn Rand book.
Um. Not that that was especially luxuriant, actually. I'm still partway through the introduction. It's not terribly exciting yet.

A hot shower. This helps me feel better rested...not just because I can blow my nose in a shameless stampede of boogers that would kill any respectable tissue (hah, yeah! Gross!) but because hot/warm water does that to me. Swimming, washing my face, washing my hands, sitting in a jacuzzi (but not a bathtub)...

Watching a movie. Maybe I messed up on this one because I folded laundry while I watched, and it happened to be "Little Women," which got me to cry when Beth died (despite my best efforts to have no sympathy for her whatsoever). Crying is not very fun with congestion and a sore throat.

Speaking quietly if at all. Even when my throat didn't hurt, this just reminded me that I was maintaining a restful day.

So this is apparently what I need when sickness is on its way! At least, I think so...this cough is pretty nasty.

POST-EDIT:  and the most essential part: A loving husband. Michael just brought me a jamba. :)

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