Sunday, March 27, 2011

DAY12 - A Picture of My Room (w/out cheating and cleaning) | Share a Secret

It just happened to be clean. As in, it's usually clean. Maybe this thing should have specified "take a picture of your DIRTY room!" Hah. I am above ye for my cleanliness leaves me godly.
I'm kidding, guys. Guess what? After I took this picture, it got messy again. Like, immediately. 

What, you think I'm cheating?
I'll distract you with a secret:

I'm wearing false eyelashes today.
(What?? You think it's OBVIOUS?)
(Well duh. Guys, I don't tell my secrets. That's why they're secrets).
(I really only used this picture so I could show off my cool eyeshadow, which I finally figured out how to do with lots of eye primer and creamy stuff).
(Besides, I conveniently can't think of a secret right now).

Or maybe the whole secret-sharing thing was referring to the fact that I'd be putting up a picture of my dirty room? That's my secret? Looks like I've failed. :D 

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  1. I love your eye shadow! And I LOVE your hair! You look like a Russian beauty to me, or at least how I imagine one to look.


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