Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Blog (just a note)

In four months of 2008, I wrote 18 posts.
I've written 16 in this month alone (counting this post, 17).
In 2010, I wrote 37 posts (less than 2009's record of 49).
This is the 38th post of this year...in only the third month.

I know that past record doesn't represent a ton of blogging, the kind you'd see from a wonderfully dedicated blogger. That's okay. :)

I like the way my blog has grown--my posting style has changed in some ways, and I'm liking it so far.
It's been really fun to discover this hobby and how much I enjoy it more and more!

I hope that you do, too. I feel really grateful for this blog and what it means to me, and I love all the comments I've received. Comments are such a great part of blogs--I wouldn't have a blog if I couldn't read your thoughts as well. It's more fun to share.

Just noting!

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