Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DAY8 - Short Term Goals For This Month and Why

  • Create something. My New Year's Resolutions! And because I really, really enjoying having to come up with a "project" every month.
  • Post on my cooking blog. I've got so many recipes to add, and poor La Quisine de Q is in desperate need of update!
  • Prepare for General Conference somehow. I don't want to come "empty handed." If I expect to get so much out of it, I'd like to be ready with a lot of pondering accomplished.
  • Relax. I've had some high-stress weeks lately, and I don't like to be stressed. It tends to make me a little cranky, edgy. I need to have more fun with Ender and Audrey, get outside more, bake yummy things, and read a book. 
  • Make appointments. Did I tell you my secret that I've only yet had ONE appointment for this pregnancy? That ultrasound and all the accompanying tests. It was a great visit. I can't currently go back to that [lovely!] clinic because my health plan isn't accepted there...but it's possible it could be in April. So I keep stalling. But! I've got to see a chiropractor for my awfully achy back, get my eyes checked because I squint at street signs, get my teeth checked because I haven't for 4 years, and get Ender updated on all the stuff he's missed for a year or so. :\ It's all weighing on my mind, surely part of the stress aforementioned. I need to make it happen!
I know that's rather month's goals include the exciting details of planning our anniversary celebration! Woohoo! :D Some of which I probably wouldn't share anyway...

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  1. I've seen other people doing this 30 day challenge, but yours is different. And I like it a lot. Maybe I just might have to do this after all.

    And I LOVE your kids names. Ender is just awesome, and I hope that someday I have a little girl I can name Scarlett.


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