Monday, March 7, 2011

I Just Have to Say


(Where's my awesome Superwoman doodle?!)

We have all had an awesome day. We've all been happy, even during Ender's trying hours of constipation--I'm most amazed that he was happy, too! By the way, we had success. He did indeed poop in the potty, which was such a relief for BOTH of us. And Audrey was incredibly easy to watch today, which is partly because Michael had fun carrying her around while he was home, but also because she was just especially mellow today. Even when she was constipated.
And I rearranged some furniture. Our living room looks magically bigger with the harp back in its first corner (although now I need to rethink where pictures are hung).
Plus I did the dishes and cleaned up yesterday's mayhem (is anyone else super inclined to be piggish slobs on Sundays?).
And I did a load of laundry. So far it hasn't caught up to me again yet--somebody give me a big Army HOO-AH!!!

THEN! Or wait, I guess I should, NEXT. But that doesn't sound as exciting.

We packed everyone up and dropped Michael off at work and then went grocery shopping.
In the rain.
BIG, delicious, fat rain.
And I hauled Audrey's carseat, my pregnant belly (which totally counts), a huge Netherlands-heavy-duty umbrella and Ender into the store...put Ender in the car-like grocery cart and secured Audrey's carseat in the front seat thing, and proceeded to get all my groceries with speed and relatively smooth rolling.
I hate those car-carts, but I needed Ender attached to the cart. He was angelic. So was Audrey, who liked having me stick my grocery list in her lap and smile at her as we went through the aisles. And I stayed very much within my budget (by a huge amount)!

THEN!!!! When we were all done, I hauled all the groceries, umbrella, babies and self with huge cart out to the car! Packed everything and kept at least the kids dry (wow). And no groceries are damaged.
THEN!!!!!! At home? Swapped Audrey over to her mother, got Ender inside, and brought all those tons of groceries into the house in TWO trips.

My hair is like Hermione Hair from the rain, but I had so much fun! It was a great adventure, and I so love the rain that it made everything exciting instead of...I don't know, difficult.
All of this on a day that I barfed this morning. That is great. Not the barf, the accomplishments--I rarely recover all the way on a day I barf; it usually leaves me very low-energy. But Michael brought me a jamba even though I thought I was fine. My sweetheart! :)

Now! I'm going to go to the bathroom finally, eat something, draw something and then read a book.
Oh yeah, after I put away the groceries!!!


  1. You ROCK Qait! Here's a big Army HOO-AH for you. HOO-AH!!! I love days like that. I always feel like, "Oh yeah? Yeah? What else you got? You're not gonna bring me down! I am going to DO this." And I do. :D And you do. :D

    Today was NOT one of those days for me... ;) Which is just fine. But we did make blood today. (for science of course...) And then we enjoyed some jelly bellies together because we only needed three white ones for each of them to have a white blood cell.

  2. (Not to say that was all we did just wasn't as spectacularly Wonder Woman as yours!)

  3. HOO-AH!! You ARE superwoman!! AWESOME!

  4. I know this was a month ago, but I was searching for the origin of the 30 day challenge and the title of this post caught my eye. :) I was just going to say that we are also inclined to drastically alter the house on Sundays! Even if it was clean Saturday night!!! So Monday rolls around and if I've had a nice, restful Sabbath, I'm usually ready to TACKLE IT!!! Well, ready or not, here I come, right?!


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