Thursday, March 31, 2011

DAY16 - Something I Could Live Without

Well, I obviously live without a lot of things. 
On the other hand... (I've told this before I think)... 

One time Michael and I were talking about girls who seemed so high strung and high maintenance and I said "I'm so glad I'm not high maintenance." 
There was a lengthyish pause. I glanced up at Michael. "Um...right?"
Michael smiled and said "You kind of are high maintenance, but I like maintaining you." 

Aw. Well. Then I can't be offended. :) 

Guess what? Sometimes I think about taking things away from myself, like as if I lived on an island, and I try to think about what would be the hardest to live without. What it comes down to is that I'd survive if I were forced to. So I could technically live without any nonessentials. 

But! Let's make this fun and easy, because I'm wasting brainpower here when I could be eating a bowl of chocolate ice cream (sinfully good when I eat so little chocolate). 

I could live without:

Artificially flavored strawberry ice cream. 

Chocolate is so much better, and I never want to touch the pink stripe in the bucket of Neopolitan. Now I'm going to eat.


  1. I don't recall that conversation... Maybe I thought you said, High Maine liness, referring to your love of the coast? Or, uh, er, maybe I thought high maintenance meant 'requiring a lot of love.' If you asked me the same thing today, I would quickly answer, no dear, you're not high maintenance. You're just pregnant - that's different!

  2. Hahhaha! Nice try. It was shortly after we were married, so you may have felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for a woman. ;) In some things I really am high maintenance, but let's hope that with the more important stuff I'm not...even when I'm not pregnant? :D

  3. I'm currently crazy about peach frozen yogurt. Mmmm.

    HAHAHHA!!!...Michael. That's awesome. :)


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