Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook v. Blogger - The Epic Battle!

(Just kidding)
So THIS is why people link their facebooks with their blogs! So they don't go crazy (or drive anyone else crazy) putting the same stuff in both places!

Well, I have been feeling this a lot lately, so I wanted to share:

Being pregnant this time has a slightly different sensation as far as how I relate to my baby. Ender happily ricocheted all over the place in my womb.
I get the vibe Scarlett's very content to just chill with me, very mellow. I really love it because it's like I get to have "girl time" before she's even born. I love her.
I need my little girly, so it's sweet that she's already a comfort to me.

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  1. Hi Qait! I just saw Lynnae's posted pic of Ender and he is SOOO cute!! He looks a lot like Michael. I have been showing Jess the mission pics my old companion posted and I told her about Sister Janet Walquist being Michaels aunt. Been a big trip down memory lane today!!

    Loves and hugs my dearest Qait!


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