Sunday, March 20, 2011

DAY5 - A Picture of Somewhere I've Been To

We went on a vacation to Denmark while we lived in Belgium! We visited the beautiful island Bornholm, a lovely Danish castle (owned and lived in by its family still, partially open for tours), the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and Legoland. It was one of those vacations that Maddie and I knew was special...I remember being especially cooperative instead of complaining if I thought something didn't look fun--or if I was asked to smile for the camera (that was a big deal; at that stage, I didn't like pictures of myself).

An incredible castle surrounded by water; the rooms were in pristine condition.

Same castle? (Could be a Belgian scene, sorry...) I remember being fascinated by a story of a daughter being locked in her room, forbidden to marry her love, and after spending so long receiving food through a small square at the bottom of her door and seeing no one, she jumped out her window into the moat. I still don't remember if she survived the jump or not.

Quilt in Hans Christian Andersen Museum depicting his stories.

 A white beach on the island of Bornholm, with Bird family (Brother Bird was a missionary companion of my dad's). I don't know what I'm doing here! It makes me laugh!

Maddie and me enjoying the water (we didn't go too far out, though, because there was such a huge spread of slimy seaweed that we were too disgusted with). On a side note, during this no-smiling-in-pictures stage (thankfully abandoned for our Denmark trip), I was also very into wearing oversized t-shirts. I didn't even like Winnie the Pooh. That t-shirt stage lasted a REALLY long time...

The Denmark Vacation seems perfect to me. Everything was beautiful.


  1. Are you referring to when we went as a family so that Eric and I could be civilly married before the temple sealing?? :D

  2. Nope! This was a separate trip with just Mom, Dad, Maddie and me. We visited the Borgen (?) family and went places with the Bird family. I'm not sure, but I think we also visited the Damms.

  3. I LOVE these pictures. This reminds me of the trip we made for Abby and Eric's civil marriage. I LOVE Denmark!!


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