Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DAY14 - Something I Ate and 10 Confessions

I ate two of these. 

  1. And then I ate several bowls of cereal (too many) and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream.
  2. A lot of my meals are like that, not very put together (it's a pregnancy thing).
  3. Aside from pregnancies, I have weighed the same since I was about 14; the muscle v. fat changed at different times, but the number stayed the same (just shows how much numbers don't show).
  4. I like preteen movies. Once in a while. Like a guilty pleasure.
  5. I like teen fiction.
  6. With this pregnancy, Doritos give me farm animal gas. It's atrocious.
  7. I avoid taking medicine (and I'm not always sure why).
  8. When I butter something, I use a lot of butter. Michael uses even more! We're a perfect match.
  9. In my head, I'm kind of a drama queen.
  10. I think dogs are stupid. Don't be bitter.

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  1. That last one made me laugh out loud! :)


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