Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, Just Tell it to My Face!

Leaving church, Someone (I will not tell you who) said 
"Oh, Mommy has her coat, but where's Ender's coat?" 
I felt like smiling sarcastically, rolling my eyes...really? Really?! You'll put it that way so it will seem less offensive? It was warm outside, a little breezy, and when we had left the house, Ender did not WANT a coat, and I did because I often get cold easily (especially in the primary room). And our walk to church takes less than a minute since it's exactly across the street. So big deal. And I didn't really feel offended--just surprised that this woman would say it that way! Gah! I know it happens all the time, but seriously! Who talks like that?! It's worse than saying to ME "Where's Ender's coat?" Because then I can easily answer "He didn't want one; besides, isn't it nice out?" Addressing it to Ender or, strangely, the air, is more offensive. It's like 
I'm hinting that you are selfish and should have gotten your son a coat--hope you noticed! 


  1. Ah! So true. And yet, I guess people think it's MORE offensive to say, "Where's Ender's coat?" probably partly because what they really want to say is, "Why isn't Ender wearing a coat?!". You know? Silly people.

  2. I definitely think the way she put it is just about the most offensive way you could say that. I mean, she was speaking to you in childlike tones, through a third party. RUDE. Really really rude. Not that I'm getting offended by someone I don't know doing something to someone I've never met or anything like that...haha... :)

  3. ugh. as SOON as I read the first line, I took a deep breath in and let it growl in my throat.
    95% of the time, i put socks on my babies, for OTHER people, so prevent commenting.


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